Need Help Upgrading Ancient TV


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That's really odd, be careful because it could be mold. Almost like its been kept in damp storage or something. Does the TV function okay, and can you clean it off?
It functions fine. I haven't tried, I don't want to take the chance. I've been very hesitant to touch it because those spots in particular look like mold. It seems as though its gradually getting worse too.

Thankfully I ordered from RicherSounds, so they should be understanding. If you've never seen it before then that'll be grounds for an exchange?


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As above or it's been a display model.

I wouldn't be happy with that.
That would explain it. It did also arrive with a yellow sticker on the front.

It was meant to be brand new. Is it possible for me to be sent a display model?
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Ask for a new TV

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