need help understanding legacy drones within A2 category UK


hello I've just bought the DJI FPV and live in the UK. ive got my operators ID and in the process learnt briefly about the Open sub categories. i soon after noticed that pretty much all my local areas where i'd be able to fly my drone would fall under the A2 category which is a little annoying because that means im gonna have to get my A2 CofC to actually fly locally but oh well. im currently doing the free learning section on the UAVHUB for my CofC. I've just got to the section talking about the open categories and what class of drones can fly under them. he's just been talking about all the drones and their C0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ratings and that they're stamped on the drone or packaging. the guy went onto say in the video that as of December 31st 2022 any drone without the C rating on them would be classed as legacy and can no longer fly under the A2 category unless you get your GVC certificate.

currently my drone is in transit and i havent payed for my A2 course. ive tried looking online and i can't find any information about my drone having the C branding on it or any other drone for that matter. so correct me if im wrong but the way i understand it no drone currently has this branding pretty much every drone that has currently been released has been rendered pointless as of December 31st 2022 unless you're willing to spend an addition £350 to get yet another certificate to fly in the A2 category. this isnt exactly a cheap hobby and ive saved a lot of money to buy this drone and attempt to get into it i cant afford to spend £350 every time the government make a new rule in an attempt to render my drone illegal (i know thats not what they're actually doing but thats just how it seems).

should i just cancel my order get my money back and wait until they release a drone with a C rating on it or does my drone have one and ill be fine to fly it under A2 after December 31st 2022?


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Hi , it’s a minefield as you know , personally I would not bother with the fpv drone , impressive but it’s a stupid idea , fpv is almost designed with crashing in mind due to how you use it , most fpv drones are designed to have easily replaceable parts , crash the dji one and it’s going to get expensive real quick , and to get the best out of it you have to fly it to the point it’s almost going to crash , personally at the moment I would get the mini 2 , very very capable drone , if you use Facebook groups then have a look for mine ‘the dji life’ , very friendly and could be useful for more opinions 👍


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I would echo the above, though personally I have always been more into the photography than speed anyway.

I have the phantom 3a and last week ordered the Air 2s, but after reading into the regulations and what it means for the future, I cancelled the order and got a Mini 2.
The Mini 2 really is the wisest choice for now, and it's a great camera drone.
At 36mph top speed I wouldn't call it slow but nowhere near FPV speeds of course!

Assuming the rules don't change again, this Mini 2 is pretty much protected to be able to fly almost anywhere since it will become a legacy drone where it's flight mass of under 250g will mean it has the most freedom to fly pretty much anywhere (within the bounds of law/ CAA).

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