Need help trying to spec a fully integrated lighting/security/HA solution

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    Hi guys,

    I'm about to start a home renovation project here in the UK, part of which will be to install a fully integrated HA solution. I'd appreciate some help to get the initial specs right. I dont want to choose the wrong products or go down a path I'd later regret.

    So far I have looked at the following

    • Comfort alarm system for security and external connectivity (relays, etc)
    • CBUS lighting (although this is pricey compared to X10).
    • Mainlobby, dvdlobby, musiclobby, etc for touchscreen + HTPC. CQC looks too complicated - got a big enough project as it is !
    • Homeseer mainly becuase it integrates nicely with the above.
    • Touchtronix UTMA panel or 2 (again costly). Also looking at the rad-io panels.
    • micro X10 modules behind each wall outlet.
    CBUS seems to be the way to go with lighting, I like the configurable low voltage switches and the instant on/off rather than delayed x10 controls. It also integrates rather nicely with comfort providing status reports and is 100% reliable. I will run a new lighting circuit regardless of what I choose and go for DIN mounted switches/dimmers. Are the DIN rail X10 modules just as good ??
    Homeseer isnt my choice of HA software, but it does seem to integrate nicely with everything I have seen. I really want a central point of contact for everything, and it looks like homeseer will provide this nicely with a comfort plugin that should (??) let it talk to the cbus lighting and any external input/outputs too.

    It would be nice to hear what others have done in a similar way, it would be nice to keep costs down and ease of use and installation up !

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated.


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