Need help trying to get a Price Match on Panasonic


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Hi guys,

this price match thing is driving me nuts. Tried to get Richer Sounds Glasgow to pm a price but they will do it by either the web or a place you can walk in and will not do anything on the free 5 year deal.

JL's will only do it if you can get the same deal from another place you can walk in, not from the web.

Basically I want to get the Panasonic TH42PX80 for a really good price with free 5 years warranty but apparently there are only a few shops that offer this. ie JL.

If I purchase a plasma from the web they are saying the free 5 yr will not apply to it. Is this right?




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Hi, I am also intrested in buying this set. I think you could price match sound and vision. The panasonic TH-42px80 is priced at £669

Otherwise you could try and price match dixons who have these at £677.90

I hope these are not just online prices as I am going to attempt to price match these at John Lewis aswell.

I think for the price its a brilliant tv.

It may become even cheaper as more and more new tv's are coming out very soon.


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I think the JL NKU policy only applies to local shops. Sound and Vision are in Greater Manchester, so presumably only a JL store in that area will do the deal. The OP is in Glasgow, so don't know how that would help him? :confused:


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Try Sound and Vision as their retail shop price is the same as their internet price.

I've just got JL in Reading (Berkshire) to PM sound and visions retail store in Bolton.

Got a letter through the post.

Saved £200.00 on the Panasonic TH-37PX80B Plasma TV and it's being delivered in a week.


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Richer Sounds in Middlesbrough wouldn't go down to the S & V price yesterday, but did me a 42px80 for 730.00 with a 5 year warranty.

It was for my mother (she paid for it!) and what a brilliant picture on sd it gives! Now need to save a bit and get the pz80!


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haven't had a look at their web site for a while buy have you looked at robert whyte in glasgow then pm against JL glasgow
may be worth a look



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