Need help trying to delete user account in Windows Vista


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I am trying to delete a user account in Windows Vista, but when I try and do this I get a series of delete file message boxes that say for instance...

"The file '00813F5730CBB9A83349C874FD014078' is a system file. If you remove it, Windows or another program may no longer work correctly. Are you sure you want to permanently delete?"

The gives me options of YES, SKIP or CANCEL?

I tried skipping the first one but then loads and loads of the same message appear with a slightly different big long number file type!!

The only files in the user folder are the empty documents, pictures, videos folders etc.

Can I go ahead and just delete?



Are you just trying to delete the users folders or are you trying to remove the account from within 'Control Panel' > 'User Accounts'?
I'm running Win7 so the exact steps may be slightly different for Vista, but the correct way to remove a user is:
Control Panel
User Accounts
Manage Another Account

You will then be given a list of all the available account, select the one you want to delete and then you should have the option to remove it (I only have a single account so can't see exactly what the options are for deleting an account)

OK so I should have just done a search to start with - details on how to delete an unwanted account in Vista can be found Here :suicide:



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Thanks for the reply Mark, but it's the actual folder that I am trying to delete.

It's the folder that was created when i did a back-up restore and I have transferred all the files onto my main user account folder. But when I try and delete the folder I keep getting those messages about a system file etc.

Anyone know why and will it be ok to just delete?


Removing the unwanted user account from within Control Panel as I suggested above will remove all the files & folders created for that account. I've never tried it but I would tend to think that manually deleting account folders could cause issues as the registry could still be looking for them as it would still think they exist.



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Ok I understand Mark but the problem is there is no user account to delete in control panel as this folder is what appears when i did my back up restore.

I just have my user account and my girlfriends but when i did the back up restore a another folder appeared in the C:\Users which had all my original files etc which I then copied across to my main user account folder but this new folder has remained there and I can't get rid of it.

Oh well its not the end of the world, I guess I'll just leave it there!


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Try deleting it using DOS

RMDIR /S "foldername"

if that doesn't work try and get hold of an old MS-DOS utility named deltree.exe.

This will delete ANYTHING. Just be careful how yo use it as it will happily delete C:\Windows if you tell it to....:D

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