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Need help setting up my components


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Hi Everyone,

We have a Harmon Kardon Digital Lounge, which is a LCD HDTV and a HS500 that looks like a DVD player, but as well as playing DVD's it controls the surround sound (and upscales to 1080). Also linked to it was a Apple MiniMac PC and a Wii. All of these things worked fine together, without the need to plug and un-plug cables until we moved.

Since moving we have had to change from V+ to Sky+HD which despite me labelling all the cables before we moved hasn't helped as the V+ and Sky+ boxes have different out/in puts on the back. Additionally both TV and HS500 only have 1 x HDMI socket and I now cannot get them all to work together and I am having real difficulties setting up the system up.

I need help in trying to achieve the best sound (5.1) and vision (Hd/1080) for my system which comprises of:


2 x Scart,
1 x HDMI in,
1 x DVI in,
S-video in,
L & R S-Video audio input,
L & R YUV CVBS audio input,
CVBS/Y PrV PbA Video input,
RF in & out,
Antenna in
Audio input
Coaxial audio output
L & R audio output
3 x other audio output


8 x speaker outputs
Sub trigger
Optical In
Coaxial In & Out
Remote Control in & Out
L & R Audio Out
L & R Aux in
L & R TV Audio In
1 x Scart
FM antenna
Component - Y, Pb, Pr

Sky+HD box



The current configuration is:

HDMI Cable from TV to Sky+
Optical Cable from Sky+ to HS500
DVI from Mac to TV
Audio from Mac to TV

At present if I want to watch a DVD through the HS500 I have to unplug the HDMI cable from the Sky+ box to the TV and plug in one from the HS500.

I would like to replace the MacMini with a WD HDTV, so I need to factor in how that is going to work?

Can anyone help on how to set this all up so it works as it should?

I will say that I am very naive to technology so please don't baffle me with jargon.

Finally, as I suspect this may prove too difficult for me does anyone know if there is anyone in the Cambs area that can come out and set my system up for a fee?

Thanks again


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In order to 'share' the single HDMI input on the TV and the single optical input on your HD500, I would recommend you buy one of THESE. The original 100 model might be found cheaper elsewhere but the HDC75 seems to have replaced it.

It would be connected as follows:

Sky + HD to Thor Switch via HDMI (video/2.0 audio) + optical (5.1 audio)
MacMini to Thror Switch via DVI to HDMI cable (video) + optical (5.1 audio)
WD TV to Thor Switch via HDMI + optical
HD500 to Thor Switch via HDMI (video output to TV only)

Thor Switch - HDMI to TV (video)
Thor Switch - Optical to HD500 input

The above obviously gives you the option of surround sound from the MacMini / WDTV. The WDTV has HDMI video (and audio) out and Optical audio out.

You would need to turn on the optical audio output from each source. On Sky+HD you need to change the optical audio setting to "DOLBY D" in sound settings and then save. I don't know about the MacMini or WDTV as I have never used them but it should be relatively straightforward and if you experience any problems, you can always post back and ask.
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply I was stareting to worry that no one would help!

Are you recommending this item over normal HDMI switching units because it has the additional audio sockets and DVI socket, as otherwise would a normal switching unit work?

Thanks again


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In a word, yes. I thought it would be the most simple way of achieving what you want. Obviously a standard HDMI switch plus separate 3 way manual optical switch would work and would be cheaper but this would switch both video and audio concurrently and be far easier to use and require less input from the user. :)


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Thanks that's what I thought. I have PM'd you and if you are able to help with those questions if possible please?

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