Need help setting up A/V system


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Hi everyone

this is my first post so bare with me (i think i posted in the right section)

anyway on to my question:

I have the following kit -

1. LG 42IN LG7000 (The sexy scarlet one :))
2. Media PC with HDMI out
3. PS3 (I use mainly for blu rays)
4. SKY HD+ Box

I am looking to get a surround sound system but i cant figure out how i would connect it in to the system so far i have the ps3, Sky and PC going into the TV via HDMI and a mini jack sending the audio signals from the pc to the tv (as you cant send audio signals through hdmi when connected to a pc).

The annoying thing is that the TV hasn't even got a headphone output infact i can't find any outputs at all!

the only possible solution i can think about is getting one of those LG surround
sound systems With HDMI in/out and getting a HDMI extender and plugging that in.

Hope someone can shed some light on this problem

Thanks in advance


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You'd be better off with getting an amp and building up a speaker package, adding fronts first and the rest later if budget is an issue. You'd get lossless audio on the bluray movies and 5.1 from the sky HD and HTPC.

That said, a surround system (I take it you mean some sort of all-in-one) should just about do the trick but they generally only have a couple of audio inputs so you might not be able to connect everything up.

Sky Hd only does 2.0 over HDMI so you need an optical or coaxial cable for 5.1. I should have thought your pc audio card would have an spdif/optical and then audio from the ps3 should be fine over HDMI. Might be a stretch for an all-in-one whereas an amp would handle that and a whole lot more.

Also the tv should surely have phono outputs - red and white. You can get adaptors at places such as maplin to convert that into a headhone output. If you had an amp you could plug these straight into the back of the amp and use the headphone socket on that.


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Thats a great help thanks for your advice

i've been searching around a lot and i think the solution would be to go with optical connections.

thanks again for your help:)


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No problem, welcome to AVF.

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