Need Help, problem with Currys.



Situation: Bought DVD Cinema System last year from Currys. Just blown up on last day of Warranty. Taken in for repair. They have now had my machine for 7 weeks, with no view of it getting repaired in the near future because cannot get piece to fix it.

The Machine is a Bush DVD2004, unknown to Currys sold as Multiregion. Been trying to fight for a refund as they cannot replace with multiregion, they do not sell them and never have.

Manufacturing fault that makes it region free.

They have offered to replace it with Matsui DVD125 (Reg 2 only) but I have looked and does not seem to be as good as my old machine. need some help or advice. have over £200 of Multiregion DVD films that will be worthless now if I accept their offer.

:confused: :mad: :(

Greg Hook

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Looks like you have a tricky situation here.

According to the Currys warranty if they can not repair and return your product within 28 days when under guarantee they will exchange it for an equivalent product at no extra cost.

Now I presume the Matsui DVD they are offering you is a similar price as the Bush system you bought. Is this right?

I think they probably just go on price when offering a replacement product as opposed to comparing machine specs etc.

Also I can not see a way you will get a Multi-region machine out of Currys as a replacement. They did not sell you a Multi-region machine, regardless of the fact that a manufacturing fault means it is a multi-region machine.

As far as I can see it you have two options. Either forget about the DVD and buy yourself a multi region player to play your £200.00 of discs or just take the reg 2 machine that they offer you (maybe haggle a bit to see if you can get anything better). Maybe the machine they offer you is easily hacked to multiregion. Not too sure with this model though.

Just offering my opinion, perhaps someone else can offer some suggestions.




I originally bought the whole system for £289, the price of the Matsui at the mo is £99. Don't think the speakers cost nearly 200 quid.

I will definately try haggle a bit, but need to see if new machine is hackable and RCE capable once done.

I am in a sticky situation and another case of little guy losing out to big store. Not leaving me with many options.....:(


According to DVD Reviewer, the Matsui 125 is remote hackable, although it doesn't seem to mention anything about RCE.


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Don't forget that prices of players have tumbled in the last year too, so the replacement may well be cheaper.
Go on specs rather than price.
I agree, multi region is a no-goer; that was a free bonus fluke, that they're under no obligation to maintain.
However check

for hacks to make your proposed replacement multi-region...


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Matsui 125 All Regions

Personally I have had 2 Matsui tvs in the passed and loved them both, one Matsui video which never worked that I hated but I have never tried their dvd players. Anyway if you do choose to go with Matsui 125 heres some help:

Turn Power on (No disk in drive)
Press Menu
press 1,6,7 and press Mute for ALL Regions
Press Exit

VCD Enable
Insert a music CD
press STOP
press MENU
press 1
press OPEN.

1.) Turn Power on (No disk in drive) .
2.) Press Menu .
3.) press 1,6,7 and then just choose 1,2,3 and so on for Region.
4.) Press Exit.
5.) Enjoy the movie.


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AFAIK even if a player blows up on the last day of warranty the manufacturer is obliged to repair the unit under the terms of the warranty.

It's tricky, the situation your in, but you don't need to accept the offer made by Currys.

They might just not be able to get a spare part. I know thats their problem and not yours. Most manufacturers keep spare parts for up to seven years. In this case it may be that they outsourced the work to some company who did not supply the manufacturer with the "RIGHT" parts.

If you really want to pursue this, then Currys will eventually buckle and give you something a little higher spec.

You've enjoyed the player for a year and have built up a nice collection of films. I say compromise with them, strike up a deal and get a better spec player. Agree to add a few pounds on (£50 or so) and get something you really want rather than what they offer.

Alternative ignore what I've said. Get some legal advice and pursue it that way. Hassle though.....

Good luck whichever way you decide to go.



I have just read through these threads and as I come from a sales/customer services background I must say that you need to kick up more of a fuss if you want this resolving. Many stores have a "soft complaint - soft response" policy when dealing with these issues, so if you really want it resolving (i.e. replacement with same model or refund) then you must be prepared to make a nuisance of yourself.

I know that we all have different "embarassment" levels but I usually find that threatening to stand just outside the stores doors warning prospective customers away works. I wish we didn`t have to do this ocassionally, but I work with Service Managers that are so stressed that they will do almost anything for an easier life so I know it works.

You are only demanding what you are entitled to so don`t feel bad about it. Whether it is 1 day or 364 days into the warranty the argument is identical - fix or refund.

Good Luck


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Originally posted by Harri2000
sold as Multiregion.(
Was it specificaly sold as multiregion or was it just a happy coincidence that it was multiregion from the box?


Was about to bow under pressure and just accept Currys offer, so rang them. Ended up talking to yet another manager, so explained the whole story yet again. He said that this problem should not have taken so long to resolve and will see about a refund for me. The only problem is he will have to speak to another manager and see if our stories match. I have already spoken to nearly everyone in the store and Curries HQ, they all say "Oh is this the Bush DVD", so I can only presume that it has been discussed in great detail among the workforce.

The manager was to get back to me this morning. He rang my wife and explained that the other manager was not available until Tues now. How many more days will this be dragged on for. So if I don't get satisfactory result by then, I can see me camping outside the Store doors.

As for Lynx's Question. this is one of the arguements that I have been having with them. It was not sold to me as a Multiregion DVD Player, but then again at the time of purchase It was not specified to me or on any labels that it was only a Region 2 either.

I just want to thank everyone for their support and very helpful advice. I will keep everyone informed of the ongoing Saga as it progresses.

Please no-one hold their Breath though....:eek:


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Originally posted by Harri2000
It was not specified to me or on any labels that it was only a Region 2 either.
I think this is where you may come unstuck as i would imagine Currys stance would be that only region 2 machines are sold through thier organisation and any deviance from that would be to invalidate thier conditions of sale.the fact that it was multi region capable from the box is neither here nor there as thier obligation will be to substitute for another player of similar value or refund.



After 8 long weeks of Battle with Currys. They have finally succumbed to the little Guy who was not going to give up.

I will be taking all my gear into the store along with the receipt and without further arguement, will receive a FULL refund.

Thank-you all for your help.

Just one more Question now.......

Where and what do I spend my Money on ?

Looking for Multi-region player hopefully with Sound system for £300.
Is this a realistic search?
Will I find a deal for this?
Please Advise.

A Very Happy Harri :D :D :D


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Glad to see another consumer fighting and winning a battle. Dont let the man get you down. As for your soon to be purchase I would advise to buy a dvd player then an amp and speakers etc. as I do not have much experience with the all in ones. I usually say buy what you can afford but are more inclined to say buy one thing at a time and what is best for you. Good luck finding a new product that satisfys your movie needs.



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Good news.

If I were you, I'd spend my money at somewhere that specialises in, and advertises, multiregion. If the same thing happens again, you will be on much firmer ground, and be dealing, hopefully, with a more sympathetic organisation.

I've never used them myself (knowingly) but you could try

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