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Hi all newbie here:hiya:
i`m renovating my house so i want to know what cables i need to hide in my wall for a LCD/led TV. E.g cables for sky,surround sound system,DVD/blue-ray player/recorder, ps3 and so on. just really want to future proof it as much as possible. Also is there some way of hiding the ends in the wall in some kind of back box so i can use only the cables i need at the time, instead of all of them on show?
sorry to post this thread i bet it has been posted loads of times in the past, but I've been looking on the web for ages for an answer with no joy and i got the plasterers coming the weekend so need to fix them ASAP.


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It depends on your particular setup. For example, in my arrangement the only cables I have going to the TV (a monitor actually) are its power lead and an HDMI cable which comes from my AV receiver. I didn't bury those cables in the plaster but instead I got some specialist PVC trunking from B&Q which is designed to tidy up cabling to a wall-mounted TV. The trunking has a flat back with self-adhesive that sticks well to any wall. The front section is curved and can open up with a push to add or remove cables as required. When painted the same colour as my wall it is unobtrusive and is hardly noticeable. A good future-proofing solution and it looks very neat.

I buried speaker cable in the plaster for the centre speaker above the TV and the four surrounds. I did this in a bit of a rush - for the same reasons as you! In hindsight, I should have buried trunking in the plaster and put the speaker cables inside that. As it is, if I want to upgrade/change speaker cables, I'd have some awkward re-plastering to do.

Since your sub-woofer will in all probability be sitting on the floor, you can do this with floor-mounted trunking, route the cable under floorboards etc.


Get yourself Cat5 cabling throughout the house to future proof it. This you can leave behind the wall (in the cavity) until you actually need it.

See this thread (, amongst others, about what Cat5 can do for you!
Running 2x Cat5 to each location is recommended.

Also, installing speaker cable to positions in the wall or ceiling so you can install wall or ceiling speaker! (;)).


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