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Need help please !

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Jon Read, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Jon Read

    Jon Read
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    Jan 27, 2005
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    Hi all, a new user here.

    I am new to 5.1 and even hifi really. I have bought a budget Marantz surround sound AV, and now I need speakers to go with it, and I am working on a shoe string budget (compared to audiophiles anyway). What I am confused about is whether to go for satellite speakers or "normal" speakers for a 5.1 setup. Below is a auction I like the look of, but, I have never heard of the make and I am unsure of the advantage, if any, of going for normal type speakers over satellite ones (as satellite speaker auctions are at least 20 percent cheaper then this one). The make of the ones I like the look of is Qentis, but the name itself means nothing to me.


    Do these look okay ? (by look I do of course more importantly mean "sound")

    My setup is a fairly small to average sized room (15 feet square approx).

    Any help to this newbie is much appreciated. Many thanks :)
  2. jpo


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    Hiya, welcome and good luck.... Never heard of those speakers, though I'm far from being an authority.

    There's lots of Yamaha NS-P100 sets on ebay that go for circa £30-50 plus delivery, I believe that these Yamaha's do a reasonable job, for the price. I'm thinking of sourcing a couple of sets to replace my large floorstanding based Eltax Chroma's for the period between now and when my 20 month old son might stop trying to push over aforesaid floor standing speakers. (Please tell me it stops.. somewhen!)

    Alternatively, you can buy the NSP-100's new from Richer Sounds for £80. Richer also have Pioneer and Aural Envelope sets at £40 and £70 respectively. Might also be worth checking out Richer Sounds Trade Counter Richer Sounds , where they have sets from £20 upwards. Clearly I have a 'bias' towards both Yamaha and Richer Sounds, this is based on good experiences over the past several years, which is not to say other products/suppliers aren't good, I just don't have any experience of dealing with them.


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