need help picking a digital camcorder for under £500


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i am after a good quality digital camcorder but dont have any idea what make or model to get - and i just wondered if anyone could recommend one - the only problem is that i have only got a budget that will stretch up to £500.

any help would be greatly appreciated

thanx :)


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You won't go far wrong with the Sony TRV33.
This model has now been replaced by a newer version
which, according to some reviews, isn't as good.
Due to the fact that the TRV33 is no longer being produced,
it is becoming more and more difficult to find at a reasonable
I just got mine from here.....
Although it states that they're awaiting stock, I only had to wait
7 days from when I placed my order.
Received it on Thursday and I haven't stopped playing with it!
Excellent picture quality and enough functions to keep me busy for quite a while yet :D
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have recommended this on these forums. Without your help, I wouldn't have had a clue what to go for :smashin:


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TRV33:thumbsup: :smashin: :clap:

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