Need Help on speakers



i am new here so be gentle.

here is my setup

Panasonic W6 plasma

Toshiba 200e dvd

Pioneer Ax3

Servo 15

now my problem is decideing on what speakers to go for.

I have £1000 to spend

the first speaker set i am intrested in are the Mission M53 range with M5c centre, M53 fronts and 2 pairs of M5d rears for 7.1

the second is the Energy Connoisseur C5 range.
C5 floor standing, c-c1 centre and 2 pairs of c-r1 rears.

both speakers will cost me the same.

has anyone heard of this 2 type speakers and if possible which one would you recommed?

both speakers will cost me £1000 for 7 speakers.

thanks for your help


Try the Acoustic energy Aegis Evo series should come in at about the right price.
Evo3 - £350
Evo sub - £300
Evo Compact x4 - £220
Evo Centre - £100
= £970 or less
or for an extra £70 use a set of Evo1 instead of 2 of the compacts!


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Mordaunt Short AVANT 908 front- £500
AVANT 905c front centre- £110
AVANT 903s bipole rears- £180
AVANT Premiere 304 rear centre- £90

Leaves you £140 for good speaker wire.

That setup will really do the business and is very similar to the MS setup that WHF recommend with the Pioneer amp


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The Mission M5 series are good, with plenty of bass if you go for the floorstander models, but really with a top sub like the Servo, you possibly only need the M51's?

However I would demo the Missions with your Pioneer AX3 amp before you buy 'em. The M5 series tends to have a more excitable and forward tweeter than some other brands and together with your Pioneer amp (which can also sound bright in some setups), you may find the sound exciting, but fatigueing over longer periods. Other Missions include the very good 780SE bookshelf models which are small, but powerful little buggers!

Your DVD player isn't likely to dig up the last word in detail, so should cover up a bit of the brighness there anyway.

I don't know the Energy model at all I'm afraid, but I see that they too have an aluminium tweeter - again this may be over-bright with the Pioneer??

Alternatives I would recommend you try are the Kef Q series and Quad 11 series (the Quad centre isn't shielded, but you have a plasma, so no worries there). :)

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