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Jul 23, 2000
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gardabaer, Iceland
I have a infocus 5700 PJ, a Pio 737 DVD player and use my Denon 3803 amp to send out everything via component.
I´m thinking of using my PC so that I can chose if I am going to watch TV on the PC monitor(to save bulb time) or on the PJ, and to play SVCD+DIVX movies.

I don´t know anything about PC´s, but here´s what I´ve found out.

I need a graphics card that will send out via DVI-D - does some Radeon do this?

I need powerstrip to send out the correct resolution and refresh.

I need some TV tuner card, but I can´t figure out why most of them have remotes, isn´t it much better to have a wireless keyboard/mouse?

I really like the look of this box: ... is it any good?

As far as sound goes, it would be nice to have 5.1 out, but I´ll mostly be watching TV and SVCD´s, not DVD´s so stereo might me good enough and I´d just use DPL2.

Now for what I don´t know at all... the projector has excellent Faroudja deinterlacing, but what does the PC use? How do I get good deinterlacing from the computer.
With regards to the strata box look in the power buy section on this site,lot cheaper than the one you found.


If you've not built a PC before and really don't know very much about them then you need to do some good research first and understand what you're getting into .. building a PC isn't hard does require some knowledge.

To answer some of your questions:

Radeon graphics cards are generally considered the best for HCPC, soemthing like the 9600 non-Pro version (Pro versions have a cooling fan that makes noise and you don't want noise). These will have a DVI connector. Some people prefer nVidia GX cards but I have no experience of those.

Radeons also have on-board MPEG decoding support which is used by software decoders to do DVD playback. This combination of software and hardware is what gives the PC its' de-interlacing and scaling ability and which compares very well against progressive scan DVD players.

There are several other popular DVD players for PCs, you'll get recommendations for PowerDVD and WinDVD, also ZoomPlayer which is the most commonly used one that uses the Sonic decoders employed by TheaterTek which IMX on my own equipment is 'best'.

'Fraid I know nothing about TV tuners as I don't use one.

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