Need help on 22" & 19 " tv dvd combi


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Ok I'm not being greedy but I need 3 t.v.'s why you ask , well one is for my nan who wants me to *advise* her on the best tv to buy & the second two are for my boys for xmas.

Ok first set , I would really like to know where to get a nice 22 " tv for under say £350 with a dvd player built in . My nan is disabled and will be viewing the tv quite close from her wheelchair so having a dvd that is at the same height will be really good for her as it means it can be set at the right height.

The next 2 are a bit more tricky , unlike my nan I haven't got as much money as I need 2 , that will teach me for having a second kid lol . They have recently split their room for privacy so will be going from a 32" CRT to hopefully a 19" ? LCD . They have a lot less room this way so one of the t.v.'s would be at the bottom of the bed , if you know what I mean and the other would have his on top of his wardrobe ( he has a high bed with a desk underneath) at approx 100 / 150 cm distance with a straight on view. The dvd combi's are not crucial as either or both of them can have seperate dvd players , and with dvd players at about £10 it really doesn't matter , as I think it will be cheper to seperate them . I would really like to spend £100 on each but am thinking it will have to be a bit more like £150 each but def no more . Please help as I have no idea what to go for .

Thanks for any help in advance :) Missy


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Have a look at Tesco


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All I can say - from personal experience - is don't buy a DMTECH combi without a good i.e. 3 year plus, Warranty

I'm probably going to be looking for a new unit similar to what you are after, but will probably have to take whatever Currys offer me, once they decide mine cannot be fixed. Which is going to take them at least 3 weeks to decide. By which time the kids will have driven me nuts without anything to watch...

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