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    Hi guys, been floating around the forums ever since i was researching up for a TV.

    I wanted to know what sound system i should be looking for for my TV (samsung 32R88) and PC (mobo - Asus P5B deluxe wifi ap edition) i probably think a 5.1 surround sound will be good? but have no idea which brand etc to look for.

    is it possible to have the PC and Tv connected to the speakers at the same time or will i have to change the connections everytime when i want to use one or the other?

    Also, what is optical out? as i have that on my motherboard. Hoping to get a ps3 in the near future too if that helps with the sound system suggestions.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    5.1 or Stereo, all depends on what you listen to / enjoy most, films or music.

    5.1 for films, Stereo for music.

    AV amps (suround sound) allow all sorts of inputs, so connecting up pc and cdp etc. all through the same speakers no problem. Sources, to AV amp, to speakers:thumbsup:

    Your optical out from your pc is a digital signal, which needs to be converted to a analogue signal to hear the tunes. Plug a cable from pc to av amp and it does all the work .. music:)

    If your budget extends somewhat, there are some stereo amps that include a stereo (not 5.1) digital to ananlgue converter - more for the music not so much the films surround sound but the stereo sound would be fab:smashin:

    If you don't have your pc in the same room as the pc there are devices that stream a signal to your hifi system.

    Plenty of options:D
    Probably confused more :)

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