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Hey guys, I am looking for a good monitor to setup in my room to act as a PC monitor and a TV. Basically this is my plan over the next few weeks/months: I'll most likely buy a Blu Ray drive for my desktop to watch Blu Ray movies on etc, buy a Slingbox to hook up to the cable box in my living room to watch TV in my room, and well... use the monitor to play games - TF2, CS:S, all that fun junk.

What I'm looking for...
1. 22-24 inches
2. 1080p preferably
3. Good ms response time - need that for FPS (TF2 and all those fun games)
4. Good contrast ratio
5. Price < $500

I found this article during CES and thought the M237WD was a good contendor.

Posts tagged M237WD at Engadget

"LG just announced a threesome of LCD monitors using its f-ENGINE image processing chip for those of you using your monitors as makeshift HDTVs. The flagship M237WD (pictured) features a 1080p, 16:9 aspect panel stretching 23-inches with a built-in ATSC tuner, 5ms refresh, 30,000:1 dynamic contrast, a vast array of A/V inputs (2x HDMI, 2x SCART, DVI, and plenty more), and a universal infrared remote control."

Just wanted to see what you guys thought about that LG monitor and if you had any other suggestions for monitors. Thank you so much.

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