Need help modulating an RF signal and a satellite LNB signal onto the same cable


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Does exactly what it asays on the tin. Or at least it should do.

I have a quattro LNB feeding into a multiswitch - then two LNB outs which ideally wants to go into the Dish inputs 1 & 2 of a Sky plus box.

However. We only have two coax cables going down from the multiswitch into the room where the telly is going to be. Obviously both of these need to be seperate LNBs sigs into the sky+, but also got to somehow modulate or multiplex a standard TV RF from an aerial onto one of these cables at the point of the mltiswitch, then extract that at the telly end and feed into the TV to get terrestrial on it there.

(* It's too late to run anymore cables by the way!)


a) is this possible? heres a simple diagram of ideally what i want:


b) if it can be done, what equipment is needed, and whats the cheapest way to do it?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time reading this.


Chris Muriel

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Looks to be perfect for the job.
All made easier because the Satallite IF band is from 950-2150 MHz whereas terrestial TV is something like 480-850 MHz (although some receivers move stuff down to as low as 700 MHz which could clash with upper Band V UHF TV channels).

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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