Need help modding rainbow six headset for 360


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Hi all ,i've decided to have a go at modding my old rainbow six 3 live headset for the 360 as from all the headsets i've tried this seems to be the best by far. Had a look at wiring diagram and instructions posted here which shows this picture


Only problem is i'm not sure which wires i should solder where, here is a pic of how the wires look stripped down.


As you can see the white wire and bare wire shouldn't be a problem but the other two wires both seem to be bare wires wound with nylon?? now i don't know much about electronics but surely if both wires are bare then there there will be problems if they are in contact.

Can anyone shed any light on where i should solder the wires as i don't want to rip apart my old headset before i'm sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Think i worked it out. The headphone cables have enamel coating on, so when you wet the end of cable with solder it burns through the coating. Tested witha multimeter and seems fine.

Thx for the help though:thumbsdow

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