Need help making a cinema out of my living room!


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Hey guys, got a new place and want to transform the upstairs living room into a cinema. I already have most of the "cinema" equipment from my old room (I'm a student)

The setup I currently own:

Bowers & Wilkins DM685s
Denon AVR-1911
Infocus SP8602
speaker cables
NO projector screen (as I didn't know where I'd end up living)

Here's some photos:

I would imagine I'd place a comfy chair where I took this photograph, about 4 metres from the. Imagining that the screen starts an inch to the left of the banister, the projector screen would hang only a few inches off the ground on the left side because of the sloping ceiling, assuming I'll buy a 100" which is 221cm x 125cm. Would this be uncomfortable from 4 metres?

--- Alternatively I could move the cinema screen to the side where I can hang the projector against the wall, inbetween my two windows. This will then point towards the banister in front of the stairs, where I am not directly limited by a sloping ceiling, however, if we place a sofa as far back as possible we're still only sitting 3 metres from the screen, and our heads might have to rest ON the windows and perhaps the HUMONGOUS Infocus SP8602 might be too big/ too noisy to be between us like that? The plus side is that we can have shelves with Receiver, PS3, etc under the projector. But then the problem is.. Where on earth do I put my B&W DM685s? Won't my rear KEF speakers also be funnily placed? The side speakers too far away perhaps?


So is 3 metres from 100" too close? should I go for a smaller screen? (I don't really want to :( ) If that's the case, would it be better to have a smaller screen placed on the wall in the first pic?

Take note: if my projector screen has to be sized down too much I might just want to go for an HDTV instead, I've always wanted a Kuro, bought I've already bought a great cinema projector so I really want to get the most of it (~ 100"!)

Thanks for help guys.
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If you have a look at this:

HDTV Set Up « THX.com

You'll notice you're at a good range with a 100" screen.
Wow cool, so that's a bonus for having the setup on the second pic.

So do you recommend going for second setup or the first? With the first one I'm abit worried that the projector screen might not fit on the wall / the image will be placed too low (because of sloping ceiling damn it)


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What about the first setup, moving the seats forward slightly and then having a 7.1 setup?


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What about the first setup, moving the seats forward slightly and then having a 7.1 setup?
I can of course consider that. I'm just worried about fitting a 100" on that wall..

Speakers will have to be placed rather low I guess.

I can only consider framed projector screen, not one of those you pull down.


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Bump, more suggestions? Moving furniture into this house tomorrow! Looks like I'll place the speaker inbetween the windows and have projector screen hanging from the ceiling infront of the stair banister. Still uncertain of speaker location as the screen will be as wide as the banister itself, there seems to be no where to put the left front speaker :S


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hi mate

In the 1st picture, were you took the photo whats behind you ?

to the right in picture 3 ?

if its a solid gable end wall, ie like the one in the 1st picture...

if so perseonally id turn your setup up around, so your sceen its on he wall behind were you tool the pic, have it so the settee just past the stairs entrance (leave enough room wither side to escape just in case)

also in regards the screen - id give that a miss, paint the screen area with black widow paint (which you make yourself for £20,
make a board out off 2x1wood or what ever your happy with, then to add finishing touches - velvet black cloth around the frame and non screen wall area :thumbsup:


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Behind me in the first picture is a narrow hallway leading to two doors, the bathroom door and my bedroom door. That would work! I could place a sofa adjacent to the "hallway", but I'd only fit a singular chair, looks like option 2 is the best to go for; I just hope my long ass (Infocus SP8602 is soooo huge) projector can be hung from there.
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