Need help finding a suitable, small 1080p TV

Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by GrahamMackie, Jul 10, 2015.

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    Even as I write this I am realising that this is a real '1st world' problem and I really shouldn't be spending so much time on it.

    I am lucky enough to have a small gym at home which my wife uses a lot and I use occasionally for indoor cycle training connected to a PC and a turbo trainer. I currently have a Panasonic 24" HD Ready Viera TV hung from the ceiling at about eye height when sat on the bike.

    This TV is about 2 years old and has a white 'glow' creeping across the panel from the bottom left hand corner. It started small a while back and is getting bigger and is now affecting about 15% of the picture quality. I decided today that I want to replace it before I get back to the indoor trainer in the Autumn. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find a spec for a TV that meets all my requirements. Can anyone help ? The set needs to be:

    1. Not a Samsung as we have a 46" Samsung on the wall and a Bluray player that plays exercise DVD's for my wife which I don't want to turn on when I turn on the smaller TV.

    2. 24" minimum and 28" maximum - too small I won't be able to read the on screen text, too large and it will ruin too much of my view out of the window behind it.

    3. Full 1080p HD - when it is running as a PC the current 720p Panasonic looks rubbish

    4. Have a Freeview TV tuner as my wife uses it to watch TV when she is on the treadmill

    5. Support ARC as we use this to boost the TV speakers back through an amp to cover the noise of the treadmill

    6. Not use an AC adaptor - I need it to plug straight into the 240v as it is ceiling mounted and I have nowhere to put an adaptor in line

    7. Not a Panasonic - as I have lost confidence in the brand since the last purchase

    8. Don't need/want a DVD combi unit

    I thought I had found the ideal set from LG earlier, in the LG 24MT46, and at a great price from Argos but unfortunately it has a separate power supply adaptor.

    Any suggestions ?

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