Need help finding a suitable psu replacement


I need help finding a new psu as my current one in my pc is failing. It randomly cuts out or the pc won't start up (goes on and off straight away) I think it might be fan and heat related. It took an hour to get the pc running today and currently have a usb fan directed to the psu through ventilation holes

It is an old pc (14 years) but still need it working. The PSU is a CiT 600W 600UAB and connected to a a Asus A8N VM CSM motherboard. The case is a Apevia Qpack 2. I am using molex connectors for 2 IDE HDD's and 2 SATA's for a Blu Ray and HDD.

I have seen some on ebay but the amps are completely different




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The ATX spec is still in widespread use and while things have changed slightly I'm not aware of anything breaking backwards compatibility except that molex connectors have become rarer.

You don't need the match the current capability exactly, you just need sufficient for your computer's needs. That obviously depends on all the hardware in the computer but with 3 HDDs you can likely ignore the 3.3v and 5v rails unless you have some specialist expansion cards as most power draw is at 12V.

(Plus CiT are an importer of cheap junk, so the existing figures are likely overstated).

Something like this should be fine:


I do have a optical/coaxial card (digital connection on board) and a 4 port USB card connected. I run 2 external HDD's on the board back USB's but they have their own power. The case has 2 front usb sockets and have a 5.25" card reader with usb socket under the blu ray.

Thanks. I have a look at the link.


Found some old pics when putting it all together. No SATA HDD at the time and different PSU came with the case (that one lasted 6 months).




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Any standard ATX should be fine, however you don't seem to have much space so just check the depth.


The psu that came with the case was a 500w one. It is the one in the pics, it lasted about 6 months.

You now have free choice of a power supply. It should not be larger than 150 x 140 x 86 mm and should have the cable tree towards the side window

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