Need help! DVD player with component out under £1000

Glenn Keen

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I'm looking to replace my Sony 860 with a new DVD player.
The reason being I've now go TOO many DVD's to fit into the 860, and therefore it's a bit redundant.

So I'm looking for a new player to go with my Panny TH-42PWD4 plasma screen. Any player I get MUST have component connections to connect to my plasma.
Sound will be sent to my Demon 10SE amp.

So I guess my requirments are:-

Must have component output to connect to plasma.
Must have COAX digital sound output to connect to my amp.
Must be under £1000.
Doesn't HAVE to be multiregion as ALL my DVD's are R2.

And a couple of questions I have.

Are there any players that handle layer changes better than most?

Given my Plasma, any advantages of getting one that can output Pal or NTSC progressive.

So any suggestions?

THANKS for ANY help.

Glenn Keen.

Glenn Keen

Active Member
Thanks for the replys.

I had considered going for a cheap Tosh, they a good little players.
As for sending you the rest of the cash, well, erm, NO:devil:

I'm kind of wondering if it's worth spending a lot on a DVD player with a lot of features (prog scan, etc), or just getting a cheaper player and upgrading in a year or so.

Anyway, any more ideas/suggestions?

Stereo Steve

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I'm selling my Tosh SD9500 in the classifides for £650. This is a £1500 (originally £2k) player with component out and it's mint. Also a fantastic CD player in it's own right. This thing produces absolutley stunning images and plays DVD-Audio to boot.
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