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need help diagnosing Aphrodite problem


Standard Member
Hello Everybody,

My Aphrodite took a dump recently and I was hoping the experts here could help me diagnose the problem.

Normally when you plug the mains into an AC outlet, Aphrodite will come on briefly, say Hello, then Goodbye and go right into Standby.

Now when I plug it in, I hear a relay click but the display is completely blank. The blue LED on the volume knob is illuminated, as is the blue light in the CD well. But no display, no nuthin'. Zero, zip, nada.

I live in the US so obviously my only option is to ship it to IAG. It'll cost me 162.00GBP just to get it across the pond. Steve Hughes at the Helpdesk has quoted me a minimum of 2 hours labor @48.00GBP plus parts plus 97.00GBP return shipping across the pond.

I've described the problem to a few local AV fixit shops and the betting money is that it's a flash-memory failure.

Any Aphrodite owners out there ever have a similiar problem with theirs?

Thanks very much for your time, much appreciated.


Prominent Member
The issue you have described sounds exactly the same as what happened to my T32R a few years ago, and it was the memory chip that had gone.

Given that you are resigned to sending your Aphrodite to the UK, your other option is to send it to the Audiocellar. This is a one man band who specialises in the repair and upgrade of Audiolab and TMA equipment. If you have a look at the TAG FAQ in this sub-forum, you will find his contact details. I'm pretty certain that he would be able to repair it for close to the cost that IAG has quoted just to diagnose the problem.

I would definitely email the Audiocellar (Kevin Green) and seek his opinion in the problem and likely repair cost.


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Thank you Mr_Orange for the reply.

I contacted Kevin several months ago and he seems to think it's a memory failure as well. He quoted me 160.00GBP plus return shipping if in fact the problem is the memory.

However, Mr. Hughes at IAG cautioned that IAG can refuse to service any TagMcLaren unit that a third-party has attempted to repair. So I'm mindful of the fact that if I do send it to Audiocellar and Kevin is unable to repair it, then I'm really screwed if IAG tells me to take a hike.

Having said that, obviously Audiocellar is not just your "average" third-party repair shop and maybe IAG would take that into consideration if Kevin could not fix the problem.

So I remain stuck between and rock and a hard place.....


Prominent Member
the problem with the Aphrodite is the way is constructed and put together too well if you ask me

I would honestly say on this occasion IAG is your best route and would suggest getting the 192dac upgrade whilst the unit is there

Audiocellar are untouchable with AV32R units and tag amplifiers etc as many on here will agree

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