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I'm upgrading from a 21-year old Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 system (back when they built good stuff!). I've almost decided on an Aperion 7.2.4 system for my family room. The problem is the back of the room is open and looks right into the kitchen. So, I have two ideas about the back surround speakers and want some advice.

Idea 1:
Go with the normal surround speakers for sides and back, put the back speakers on stands, and move them back and forth whenever we want to use the system.​
This idea has potential as all of the surround speakers will be at the same height, I have plenty of space behind the couch (at the appropriate angles, I could put them as far as 8 feet behind), and it'd be easier to make adjustments for the back speakers if I need a little more or less room. However, I feel as though continually moving a $800 pair of speakers is just asking for trouble, as is having the stand in the middle of the floor between the kitchen and living room. It'd take just one "oops" to knock it over, and, it'd be pretty aesthetically displeasing on top of that.​

Idea 2:
Use the Aperion A5 speakers as my back surround speakers and mount them on the ceiling (nine-foot ceilings) so that they drop seven inches from the ceiling with the speaker pointed directly at the back of our heads. This makes it a permanent mount and I can get the speakers in white to match the ceiling. The cones and whatnot are the same material as the other speakers as well. The downside, however, is that I have no idea how this might affect the sound stage in Dolby Atmos with the four ceiling speakers (x.x.4 speakers) crowding the back surround speakers. I could move the back surround speakers to directly behind the couch and give a little bit wider reach on the back surround speakers, but that would only put the left surround and height speaker about 3 or 4 feet apart at the very most.​
So, advice needed:

  • Does anyone know how ceiling mounted back surround speakers interact with Atmos x.x.4 speakers? Does it distort the sound space? (I purposely moved away from bi/dipole speakers to get a more specific reference from the side and/or back surround speakers).

  • Has anyone come up with a good option for putting a speaker in an open space (such as the floor between the kitchen and living room) without being in danger of knocking it over?

  • Is there some other solution out there that I don't know about yet for back surround speakers in open space?

  • Also, if you have very strong feelings for or against Aperion, let me know. I really like what I'm seeing and hearing via video reviews, but it's night and day between researching a speaker and hearing a speaker live.
Also, if it matters for some reason, I'm not settled on a receiver yet, but I'm leaning towards the Marantz SR 7015 or, if I decide to go goofy and get a 9.1.4 system, get the Denon X6700H and pair it with an amp for two of the ceiling speakers.

I would include pics of the space, but we just moved into this house and so the room is still a complete mess. I don't mind, but I want to remain alive, which wouldn't happen if my wife found out I was posting pics of a messy house online.

Anyway, sorry if this isn't enough information. As I said, the last time I was searching for a sound system was over twenty-something years ago, and a lot has changed.
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