Need help deciding which HDTV to buy


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Hello, world!
This is my first post here and I come looking for help deciding on which set to "pull the trigger" so to speak.
First of all I am not looking for the best TV set out here, nor am I looking for a lot of bells and whistles. What I am looking for is the best quality/price ratio, overall. With that in mind I have more or less narrowed down my choices to:
-Samsung PS51D550 available for around 700 Euros
-Panasonic P50UT30 available for around 800 Euros
-Panasonic P50ST30 available for around 900 Euros
-LG 50pz250 available for around 600 Euros
-LG 50pz570 available for around 750 Euros
The reason why I am not looking for the next series for any of these brands (the LG pz950 series, the panasonic GT30 series and the Samsung D6900 series) is because all of those climb to 1000 Euros or above and I have my doubts about wether or not all the extra bells and whistles are actually worth such a premium.
I am currently leaning towards the Sammy, mainly because the cheapest 3D glasses (the 3100GB) can be found for 20-25 Euros, compared with the LG glasses which can't be found for under 50 Euros or the Panasonic glasses which won't go below 80-90 Euros.
By the way, all the prices are for Portugal (where I live) and Spain (where I can easily buy the TV).
If anyone can find it in their hearts to share an opinion and help me make my decision on which TV to actually buy I would really apreciate it.
Two more very important points. No store has all the models I am considering so there is no way to actually see them all side by side (the Sammy I can only find online in Spain); and the living room where I intend to put the TV has one window (which stays on one side of where the TV will sit) with both curtains and blinds (so it will be easy to control how much light gets in). Furthermore the TV will be used mainly to watch TV (some HD and some SD), videos either from DVD or avi, to ocasionally serve as the PC screen for gaming (via HDMI connection) and to experiment with 3D (probably mostly with the 2D to 3D conversion).
Once again thanks for any input you may have (and sorry, for my first post being such a cry for help).
By the way, I already posted this on another thread but don't know how to change threads. Sorry


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In my search I have viewed the Samsung PS51D550 and Panasonic P50ST30. they where both very good, but the picture quality on the Panasonic was better for me..

I have opted to buy the GT30 as I can now afford it.

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