Question Need help deciding if iPhone SE is broken or has a Virus


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Okay, so my phone randomly turns itself off, and a white screen with a black apple logo comes up and it goes all pixelated and sometimes it will go incredibly pixelated as if the screen was broken before going off, and other times it goes less pixelated and is stuck on that screen. When I hard reset my phone it works for a few minutes before turning off again. I tried completely factory resetting my phone and that only made it worse. I was wondering if it was broken or if it had a virus. But my phone isn't jailbroken.

Would really appreciate help on whether to take it back and spend money on getting it fixed or not.

Thanks Holly.


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Seen similar screen pixelation problems on Apple notebooks on a You Tuber that he had just got a few days prior, then the replacement started doing it, obviously a bad batch of components in the units, but you say your phone resets itself as well, just get the dodgy cack back to the retailer or your nearest Apple store as after all their the ones with this brilliant customer service all us android users hear about all the time. You don't mention the age of the phone? If it's less than a year old all the more reason to get it sorted.


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Unfortunately it is not one year old but thank you very much will definitely take it back
I think you mean fortunately, all U.K. sold items need to have a 12 month warranty, which means you should be entitled to a free fix[emoji4] [emoji106]


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no I wrote that wrong lol it was meant to say that I have surpassed my one year warranty and will now have to pay for it to be fixed.


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If you've not dropped it or damaged it and bought it direct from Apple or another retailer SOGA Sale Of Goods Act applies and it should be fixed for free.


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Better than that....under EU law you actually have two years!!!! SoGA is six but harder to get sorted in some instances but the 2yr rule is simple...tgey must repair or replace;)

Hth, Dave;)

The EU Consumer Directive gives you an automatic 2 year guarantee on electrical goods. No EU retailer can claim otherwise. None are exempt from this EU wide legal directive.

Tesco: I fought the store and the law won

"Sellers of consumer goods within the EU are obliged to guarantee the conformity of the goods with a contract, for a period of two years after the delivery of the goods."

"Free of charge, 2-year guarantee (legal guarantee) for all goods

Under EU rules you always have the right to a minimum 2-year guarantee at no cost, regardless of whether you bought your goods online, in a shop or by mail order.

This 2-year guarantee is your minimum right. National rules in your country may give you extra protection: however, any deviation from EU rules must always be in the consumer's best interest.

If goods you bought anywhere in the EU turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised, the seller must repair or replace them free of charge or give you a price reduction or a full refund.

As a general rule, you will only be able to ask for a partial or full refund when it is not possible to repair or replace the goods."

"Sample story: your 2-year legal guarantee cannot be shortened by a commercial guarantee

Carla bought a hairdryer with a 6-month seller's guarantee.

When it broke after 8 months, she took it back to the shop. The shop assistant told her that her guarantee had run out, and that she was not entitled to a refund.

Carla rightly pointed out that she had a full 2-year guarantee free of charge under EU consumer protection law, and that the seller's 6-month guarantee only offered additional services. The shop agreed to replace the hairdryer."

Sales and guarantees - European Commission

Guarantees: repairs, replacements, refunds

Guarantees: repairs, replacements, refunds
(Click on 'Guarantees For Faulty Goods' tab

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