Need help connecting Subs to marantz PM7200


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I have a Marantz PM7200.......I have 2 towers that consist of a woofer, mid, and Tweet.......I also have 2 Sub Cabinets with a built in Amp on having issues hooking these up......Im sure it has to do with the 8 ohms / 16 ohms......

What im trying to do is hook the towers on System 1 and the subs on System 2.....when i do that and turn the volume up just a tiny bit the marantzs' protection circuit kicks in......what am i doing wrong? what would you guys recomend.....Im brand new at HiFi 2 channel stereo and inherited this system from a very cool recently deceased grandfather

Don Dadda

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Firstly -Sorry for your loss and my condolences to you and loved ones.

Sounds like the speakers/sub or config of them are overloading the amp

Towers - Make, model, and Ohms...?
Sub - Make, model, and Ohms and How have you got them wired to the amp?
Have you tried without the subs.

But before you reply, disconnect the subs.


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The 7200 doesn't have a dedicated sub out, and you can't use the System 1/2 to connect them. What you need to do is run a second set of speaker cable from the same speaker output that are supplying the towers, and connect them to the high-level inputs on the subs.


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Thanks for the responses...

I did end up wiring the subs into the same channels and they sound friggen great!

So my new set up is as follows....

Marantz PM7200
ACI G3 towers
ACI Subs powered by ACI PSA1 Amps

AudioSource 200 EQ
Dennon CD/DVD 2910
Pioneer CT-W6O4RS Dual Cassette Tape deck
and a VERY gorgeous Vintage United Audio 1210 Record Player....

HUGE upgrade from My Aiwa 5.1 system.......although, I have a Yamaha EQ that I wonder if is better then the AudioSource

And I did have a Fairly Nice dual Cassette Sony.....all of these things I purchased 10 years ago....

Lovin on some Ella Fitzgerald at the moment!

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