Need help connecting my X-Rocker gaming chair to my Onkyo HT-R390 AV receiver


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I've never had to post a thread before asking for assistance, Usually reading existing posts have helped me in the past. However I am now in desperate need of help setting up my new Christmas present with my current sound system. Please help me if you can!

I would like to sync my new gaming chair together with my sound system.

I currently run the sound through my Onkyo 5.1 surround sound system. I have a Sky HD box and PS3 plugged in my Onkyo AV reciever via HDMI cables; I then have a third HDMI cable coming out of the AV reciever into my TV via HDMI. The manual states that I should plug in the X Transmitor to my audio output and then the sound should work - alas I can not find any audio output jacks other than the channel VCR/BCR which didn't work when used.

There is also a headphones port which I have just recently bought an adapter for so I can connect the X transmitor just to see if it works, which it does - sound does go through to the chair but at the cost of all other speakers being overided by headphone usage!

I thought that I could run the sound through both the chair and surround sound but I'm starting to think that this is not possible.

Please help me if you can :(

Kind regards

Mark Nichols


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Since you have a 5.1 system why would you want sound from the chair at the same time? The 2 are not going to mix well. AV receivers are designed to strip the sound from the feed into them and then play this through the speakers attached to it. They are not designed (as a rule) to send this sound to another device to play it. Hence there is going to be no easy way to connect the 2 together and even if there was I am not sure it would be advisable anyway in terms of sound quality. Sound chairs are more for people without sound systems as it will be better than TV speakers but will not be as good as a proper 5.1 or more system IMHO.


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Thanks for prompt reply

I had a feeling it wouldn't be advisable - the chair was bought for me and I wanted to see if it could be done - it doesn't matter though, I can still use the chair for music etc.
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