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need help conecting xbox 360 wirelessly to wanadoo :S

ive got the live box downstairs and the wirelessadapter connected to my pc in my room where to xbox is also wondering how i could wirelessly connect my xbox to the live box i dont mind changin the wireless adapter between my pc and 360 when i wont to use either plz help cheers :S
i set up a wifi card in a notebook to the box so it should be the same, basically you have to know the WEP address which you can get from the box, once you know that, you have to press one of the buttons on the box, the 1 or 2, not sure then it will start searching for a wireless adapter, you can then set up the 360 one now, just search for a network on it and then type in the WEP when you find it and that's it, if you look in the wannadoo livebox manual it will tell you a link to a website to go to if you want to set up a 3rd party wireless adapter..it will tell you the same stuff i said...


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as the last post stated, write down your wep key (found on the livebox itself) and then press button 1. this puts the livebox into teach mode allowing you to connect a new wireless device using the wep password you just wrote down... same principle for getting your psp online.

... note that you can only have 4 wireless devices configured in the router at any one time - apparently. i don't have more than 4 to test it!


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I think i understand the problem now...

The wireless adapter that is supplied with the Wanadoo livebox is a USB wireless adapter (made by inventel i believe) and to my knowledge (but don't assume i'm right), usb wireless adapters won't work with the 360..

One option to have a wireless connection to your 360 is to get a wireless access point, something like the Netgear WGE111, or Microsoft's own 360 adapter (if it's available yet).

I can't help too much, as although i have a wireless network at home with the livebox (3 PC's and 1 psp), i cheated and hard-wired the 360 in as when i decorated my house, i ran in data cable in the walls and proper sockets... plus the fact that you can't beat good old fashioned cable... none of this fancy wireless

If your PC is in the same room or close proximity of the 360, you could connect the two via ICS (internet conection sharing).... but you will need to search this forum or elsewhere for help on this, as i have no knowledge on how to setup that!

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