Need help choosing the right broadband supplier for Xbox live




I need a bit of help choosing a new broadband supplier that will allow me to connect to Xbox live directly, without going through my pc.

At the moment I have broadband that needs me to dial-in to a server, which makes it impossible for me to connect to xbox live without a pc.
Will i need a static ip address or allways on connectivity

Any ideas???

P.S. I cant get cable


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Sounds like you need a router and not a change of isp. Who are you with atm?


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Hi Solarian, you don't necessarily need to change your ISP just to use Xbox Live without a PC and I can't think of many ISPs which require you "dial up" each time although having been with for sometime, I know the process you're going through. Virgin supplied an Alcatel Speedtouch USB ADSL modem and it might be a similar setup for yourself.

If you're happy with your ISP in general, why not get yourself a broadband router with integrated firewall and DSL modem. You plug this into your phone line and connect it to your PC via a network cable (do you have a network card or socket on your PC?). The router has a web-based administration which lets you control the box via, say, Internet Explorer to set the details for your ISP including your username and password and the router then deals with keeping the connection up, whether your PC is on or not.

Usually the router will have at least 4 network ports on it so you can plug in your PC and Xbox at the same time.

There's a range of different manufacturers to consider and different prices depending on whether you need wireless connectivity or not. It's important that you get a broadband router with integrated modem and not just a router - without the modem part, you won't be able to connect to your ISP. A wireless broadband DSL modem/router sells for £50 to £90 these days depending on which brand you go for, what features you really want and whether it includes any bundled products.

You're best bet is to look at where you can view a number of routers with integrated modems as well as reviews from the people who actually bought the kit and use it every day which is generally more useful than magazine reviews. If you have any questions that we can't answer here or you can't see on their website, send them an email because they're customer service is exceptional.




Thanks alot colin! i never knew it would be as simple as that.But i think ill change my isp to a cheaper one all the same.
Thanks m8 you've been a great help.


Guest is recommended from me.

£14.99 for 2 meg 50:1 or
£21.99 for 2 meg 30:1 better for gaming.

No problems with them from me, seems a good service for the money and is Live comatible.
I also have a netgear router, DG834 recommended for sharing t'internet, wireless versions also available DG834g and gt models.


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I've got Wanadoo and went with thier wireless package, all you have to do is plug your xbox into the supplied router via an ethernet cable and away you go.

It's probably cheaper not buying a router through wanadoo though, but I found it really easy to set up using the wireless package.


uridium said:
Try tiscali 2mb for £14.99 month with none of the monthly bandwidth limitations of Wannadoo etc
We should bear in mind that 2 mb UK broadband is actually 50% broadband, (downstream) and 50% marketing horse dung, 256k upstream, 3 am Sunday vital for gaming)

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orange66 said:
We should bear in mind that 2 mb UK broadband is actually 50% broadband, (downstream) and 50% marketing horse dung, 256k upstream, 3 am Sunday vital for gaming)
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

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