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Need help choosing studio earphones and gear. experienced audiophiles please help.


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Hi Guys,

I currently have a HIFI system setup for my living room but working from home due to covid has made me reside within my office for 8 hours plus on weekdays. With being bored when I have had nothing to do at my desk! I had the random idea to dive into the world of studio headphones and I am set on it. I would like suggestions for the gear to buy, but as of now all I care about is no colour to the sound and the upmost clarity from a mid to high range setup, as I will be mainly using these for producing, mixing, music listening and a bit of fps gaming on the side. I ideally want to spend less than £500 on a pair of cans and I want bass clarity and lower mids to shine as I listen to bass heavy music but I also want very clear highs that aren’t piercing and the headphones need a good frequency consistency. I have my eye on the DT 1990 Pros and am open to other suggestions. For the Amp I have found too many and I can’t choose. I am unsure if I should choose a dedicated amplifier designed for desktops or to choose a normal amplifier. I want to ideally not spend a lot but I have many choices at a lot of price ranges, I am very open to new suggestions about any of this equipment, if you have any recommendations I will happily take them. I will list all of the amplifiers I am interested in.

FLUX FA-10 Pro, FLUX FA-10, FLUX FA-12, Topping A90, Monolith THX AAA 887, SMSL SP400, SCHIIT Magnius, SCHIIT Asgard and the SCHIIT Magni Heresy.

I love the designs of the SCHIIT Heresy and i love the functionality of the SP400 but all in all I want the one that will do the best for what I am paying for which is the sound quality. I would love any feedback on this.

As for Dacs, I am interested in the Topping D90, Topping D70, Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M, SCHIIT Bitfrost 2, SCHIIT Modius and the SMSL M500.

I really don’t know which DAC to choose and would love your opinions on my current selection or would appreciate other DAC recommendations.

Thanks for reading my long winded post.
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I have my eye on the DT 1990 Pros

It is likely you will want to EQ down the 8k peak on these

The separation and detail extraction on Beyer means people do pick the brand up for mixing and mastering, just be wary of the treble tuning and you will be good to go ✌️


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Hi Steven,

Thanks so much for the heads up!

I have heard a lot about this issue on the DT 1990 Pros. I have never really applied EQ's myself. I understand the need for them and how they can improve consistency of frequency and to make it better to ones ears, but I am unfortunately not familiar with using them in the slightest. Could you recommend some software to do this in and possibly a link to a video on how to do it right?



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I Think for the Dac, I'm going with the Topping D90 and for the Amp, the Monolith THX AAA 887.

Any cable recommendations?
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This is a free EQ software

Music playing and mixing software will come with their own EQ and editing tools so it is about finding the workflow and software you prefer to use

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