Need help choosing new DVD player


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I need to choose one in conjunction with a new TV. My companion TV thread is here, and provides more background.

The player I choose needs to capably handle DivX encoded movies, as I have quite a few. I would also like HDMI output for playing DVDs generally, and a hard disk/recording capabilities. However, I am unable to find a player (though there are some references to a Samsung) that has all these features, and it seems the recorder market is still maturing. My provisional plan is to buy a cheapish player that will play DivX files and then buy a better player later with HDMI output and recording facilities.

I've been looking at the H&B 3255, which seems to have nice features, and is suprisingly (suspiciously?) cheap. I've looked at more expensive models such as the Pioneer DV-585 AK and the Denon 1920 and I'm not sure what the extra cash buys me. I know the Denon has HDMI but if I splash out on that it leaves me without a recorder and needing to buy one in the medium term.

Is there any feedback from H&B 3255 owners? How does it compare to more expensive DivX capable players such as the Pioneer players? (its £35 compared to £100 at pixmania, and I can't see why) Are there any other alternatives I should consider? Should I change my plan entirely?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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Think you should do a search on the forums for pixmania before shopping with them ;)

Check the Rear Projection TV forum for starters, not many happy bunnys there unfortunately.

As for the dvd players, both the Pioneer and Denon are quality units, and are more than likely worth the extra cash.

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