Need help choosing a new Touchscreen Car Stereo

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    So the I like the car stereo I have now (Sony MEX-BT5700U). It has a lot of features that I love like a USB port for my iPhone and other devices along with bluetooth which I prefer when I have a full battery charge; it also has an external mic for handsfree which I like (but not the best quality). It's also satellite ready and has an aux port which I never use. The reason I prefer using bluetooth over the USB is because when it's connected via USB I have to choose the music I want to play on my stereo, and it's interface for that isn't the best.

    So I've been wanting to upgrad to a newer stereo. Here's what I want out of it: Bluetooth streaming for my iPhone, A USB port, touchscreen, GPS navigation (either one that uses my iPhone's GPS or one that has it built in, but NOT one that I have to pay an extra monthly fee for the service). I want something that also lets me play video from my iPhone (from Apps like Netflix, Goodplayer, AirVideo, etc) or let's me play .avi or .mkv video files from a USB drive. I realize that using the GPS and playing video is illegal, and I am willing to use a bypass relay to get around that, I just want suggestions on a good stereo that can do all these things and interface well with my iPhone. Also handsfree microphone is a plus.

    I don't want one of those kinds that pops out when you use it and then goes back inside when it's not in use. I want one that just sits there open faced always.

    My price range is anywhere between 400-700, but I would prefer to spend around 5-600.

    A few things that are optional for me: DVD player (I would love one that can play raw .avi or .mkv files). Aux in port. Those things aren't necessary. Also a USB port isn't necessary if it has an iPhone/iPod cable coming out of the stereo.

    Thank you in advance for any help you might give and for the suggestions on stereos.

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