Question Need help - cheaper 4K 40" TV for son's room. Down to these 3


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Hello all! I was on here well over 12 years ago searching for my first HD set. Now I'm suffering from fatigue. I need your help so I can get this for Christmas.

I am buying my son a TV that will be mounted under his loft bed for his mini man cave - He will sit about 4-4.5 feet from the screen for playing his PS4. I haven't been able to score a PS5, but he will have one eventaully, as he's saved up for it. He has a Vizio e series 29"er that we've had for 6 years or so. I know none of my selections will be the 120hz, HDMI 2.1 optimum.

I want a 40" 4K cheap TV with a ethernet port, that would wouldn't lag too much or look bad for the gaming. He occasionally also watches youtube nonsense as well. I would like a Roku TV for the Xfinity Stream ability, but the PS5 is going to be the main event someday soon. Everything has been 43", which I think is a little too big, but it fits. I am looking at:

1 - Vizio V405-H19 40" (No Roku, but ethernet, and my preferred 40" size. But Rtings says it has not so good motion blur, so now I'm scared of that one.)

2 - A new old stock Element 4k 40" Roku TV - has ethernet and Roku, HDR and 40", but I can't get any info on it's input lag. I can get a warranty, but no returns, as it would be from an Ebay seller.

3 - a 40" 1080p TCL Roku TV - I give up the ethernet and the 4K on this one, but maybe its a better move if the 4K on these cheapies don't really matter. I'm sure the PS5 can display some good stuff on 1080p.

I snagged a TCL 2019 43S425 - It's unfortunately 43", so I'm just hanging on to it if I fail to get a 40". So I'm looking to see if anyone can let me know if either of the above two would be good enough.


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If you can fit it, a 43" model will be much better than the 40" ones such as the TCL you mentioned.

Smaller sized TVs are not great for gaming, but not really bad either. The real good gaming TVs nowadays start at 48" and up.

Really the biggest choice to make is panel type. Most 40" models tend to use VA panels, TCL 43" models use VA too, but LG and Sony use IPS at 43".

Each has their own set of pros and cons that mean different things to different viewing conditions, personal preferences. Most people go for VA panelled TVs, but if he plays a lot of fast games, or views the TV also at an angle you'll be better off with a 43" LG using an IPS panel.

I can't really help that much with 40" models. I think the Vizio you found will probably be the best. You really want to avoid brands like Element and alike since their quality is usually very subpar.

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