Need help badly from someone who owns VGN-SZ 1XP Vaio , or similar notebook



I would greatly appreciate if those who own the above notebook would help me. I have same machine and the following problem. I encrypted certain folders on my harddrive with TPM, entered my password incorrectly certain amounts of times which disabled TPM function and blocked the following folders. The only way to access it now is to get into BIOS and reset TPM, then initialise it from Windows again. Which would be no problem if my LCD screen was not broken. Meaning that I can login into Windows ok and work in windows environment with external monitor. However I cannot access my bios, because it would only be possible with the own notebook screen which is broken. Hence here is the question - could somebody provide me with the exact sequence of keys which you need to press once in BIOS which would reset TPM ? I'm not too concerned with different versions of BIOS, I would assume that on that particular machine they would be more or less identical. So I would need something like : LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, ENTER, DOWN, DOWN, ENTER , F3 etc ...
Will be greatly appreciated .....
Many thanks !


Hi Elvair, can you not plug in an external monitor, power on lpaotp, wait a few seconds and then use whichever function-key combination that switches between internal and extrenal screen?

I know on Toshiba's and HP Compaq's it's normally Fn-F4 or Fn-F5, normally the 'F-Key' has a symbol of 2 screens on it.

Let us know how you get on.

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