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My crappy headphones I had for my PC are broken, so I'm thinking of getting a replacement. As it is now, I have a pair of Creative EP630 for my mp3 player. However, they don't really work for the computer, and the cable isn't quite long enough. I'm hesitating between getting good canalphones for both my mp3 player and my PC (I'd need an extender cable) or keeping my EP 630s just for the mp3 player and getting circumaural headphones for my PC. Either way, I'm looking to spend around $60-70. I want them to completely isolate me from the outside world, and I don't want anyone to be able to hear what I'm listening to. On my PC, I'm mainly going to use them for listening to music, watching movies/TV series, and some sound editing. If I get circumaural headphones, I don't want them to bulky, as I'm also going to use them for my laptop.

A few of the models I've been looking at are:

Sennheiser HD212 Pro.

AKG K518 DJ, K530, K 240 Studio

I really don't know that much about headphones, so any buying tips would be appreciated.
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Cant really offer much help as I've never been in the market for headphones like the ones you need, but forget the K240 Studio - they are semi open. You'd want to try the K271 Studio, instead.

You mention $, are you in the USA or was that a typo?

£70 for example might buy the Beyerdynamic DT250 (80 ohm), which are, I would say, as good quality as you'll get for less then £100. If you mean $ though, then I am not sure.

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