Need good i5 4670k cpu cooler less than 15 cm tall.


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Hi just upgraded my pc with an i5 4670k, msi z87 g43 gaming , msi gtx 770 twin frozer and an ssd. I got the hyper 212 evo as I thought it'd fit my sharkoon T9 case but it doesn't. It just touches the perspex window which I'm not happy with. If there was no window it would have just cleared the case side but the perspex is about 2mm lower than the actual case side. So I've had to put the stock cooler on for the moment while I find a lower profile cooler.
So any suggestions are welcome, was originally going to go with a corsair H60i but I'm old fashioned and water 'n' electrics just don't need to be anywhere near each other >.<
Also, to save another thread can anyone tell me why my system no longer has the post beep even though I put the internal speaker on the pins of the motherboard. Pretty sure I've put the thing on the right way, everything else works just fine, just no post beep.
Thanks in advance for any help on either question.


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Not planning to o/c. Thanks will take a look at that one. Temps aren't too bad with stock cooler. Idle @ 35 - 38degs C and after some gaming in the mid 50's. But the fan is really annoying :-/


Yeah i replaced the amd stock cooler with it and the noise difference was night and day. It will keep the cpu cooler than the stock heatsink but i would still only recommend a small overclock with it if you decide to in the future


NH-C14 Top-Flow Flexible CPU Cooler with 140mm fan

This Nocta is overlooked imo because people either don't know or don't have a method of controlling the fan speed (Not silent but still very quiet @ full speed), if my case couldn't take the NH-D14 I would've gone for this with a 4670k clocked at 4.2ghz. And ofc its Nocta, so you know it's going to produce solid performance.

"Some reviews complained about the fans not being controllable by PWM and so they were running at full speed. Whilst it's true that the fans are not specified for PWM, apparently they hunt, that shouldn't be a problem if your motherboard can use "voltage" control instead of PWM. Most modern motherboards can do that. Just have a look in your BIOS settings for fan control; some have an "auto" setting and that works well with these fans. Having said all of that, even if you have to run the fans at full speed, the whole thing is still very quiet. Noctua supplies a couple of in-line resistors that can be used to select one of two lower speeds where you cannot control them any other way but are looking for quiet or ultra-quiet operation. Cooling performance is, as noted in every professional review, excellent. Currently my CPU is running 4 degrees BELOW the ambient temperature in the box and the fans on the Noctua are running at only 650 rpm. Somehow I'm not sure about the science of that statement; I'm merely reporting what my systems monitoring is saying." - Customer Reviews: Noctua Top-Flow Flexible CPU Cooler, NH-C14 - ColinM

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