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This is my first post at this forum.
I have decided to build a homecinema but my problem is that my previous experience with hi-fi stuff is to say the
Ohh, yes...I have a clock radio!

I've been reading up on the Internet and finally decided to get B&W speakers (partially for the good looks).

This is what I got:

Fronts: B&W 602 S3 (Looks great on silver stands)
Center: B&W LCR60 S3
Back: B&W 600 S3
Tara Labs cabling

Now to my question, tomorrow I'm going out to buy a A/V receiver, I kind of like what I've heard of the Marantz 4200(5*70W). But will this be "powerful" enough to run my speaker setup?
Don't ask me to test it. I have absolutely no idea what is good or bad, no references and will have to trust you guys until I learn :clown:

Will I need a sub woofer for this setup or are the fronts enough?

I'm really exited to get this working and look at some DVD movies.

Any other comments are greatly appreaciated.


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Sorry to say but you are a bit 'arse about face' :)

If you have bought B&W speakers, I assume you have been to a reasonable dealer. Why do you not just tell them your budget for speakers/amps etc, and let them demo several amps/dvd players/speaker packages for you.

It really isnt a case of 'I don't know what I'm listening for' because when you hear things in direct comparison, buy the kit which you preferred. There is no more skill than that.

To answer your question, the Marantz would run these B&W's just fine. :)


If it was my choice, i would go for something alittle higher end with those B&W's. They are exellent speakers and they deserver better than the 4200..

Dont get me wrong, the Marantz 4200 will do just fine, and its a very good amp. If you can afford it, get a better A/V receiver.

And for the Subwoofer Question, Again, its about your budget. A subwoofer makes the sound more cinama'ish(not a word). I would recommend getting one if you can afford it.


Thanks for the replies guys.
>UrbanT; What do you mean by "arse about face"?
Eng. isn't my 1:st language and I must have missed out on that expression in school :eek:)

The reason I didn't buy it all in one "package" was mainly cost reason. An other thing is that B&W that I had settled for wasn't sold in my town so I had to make an order, and I didn't feel like getting a receiver thrown around on busses and perhaps damaged.

Hmm, My budget after getting these speakers are getting a bit limited so I thought the Marantz 4200 would be good.
Maybe I should wait for the x300 series? Or go for Denon 1803, but it's SOOO hard to wait !

I'm like a child on christmas, I want it NOW!


Arse about face = means back to front, in this context, he means you should have bought the amp before you bought the speakers.


thats 50 quid for the english lesson.


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have you listened to any of the kit yet? would strongly reccomend it. you will get a much better idea of what you want and find that you might find that you don't like the marantz "sound" or whatever. if your gonna spend a lot of money and by the sounds of it you are - spend wisely, a lesson that i learned the hard way!


Thanks everybody for your answers.

This is much more complicated than I initially thought.

The question I thought I could get answered was maybe a bit to "open". I now see that there's so many diffrent opinions/tastes that it's hard to go on tech. spec alone.
I thought that I could receive some guidelines if e.g B&W goes well with Marantz, but it might be totally diffrent from person to person.

The B&W speakers are not sold in my town, and lugging the speakers to the store(s) where I plan to buy my receiver is not an option.
I reckon it's no good if I audition a receiver on a diffrent set of speakers than my own. They might sound totally diffrent and not like my B&Ws.
Hmm... I have to ask if they have some demo-modells I can borrow home.
If not, I just buy something like Marantz-4300, Denon-1803 or Yamaha-630 and cross my fingers :eek:)

This is my first system and I have nothing to compare to, so I bet I'll be happy and won't really know if the sound is bad, mediocre or really good.

Isn't ignorance a fine thing :D

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