Need Direction Please


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Good day!

I have read the following thread: http://www.avforums.com/forums/subwoofers-tactile-transducers/955704-rel-b1-vs-svs-pc13-pb13-problem-6.html

and found it very informative. Thanks to those who contributed.

My question is, should I purchase an SVS 13-PLUS, SVS 12NSD, Rythmik F12SE or used REL R-505 for a medium sized room. It will be paired with CM8s, CMC2, and CM1s.

I am looking for a musical sub, but will be using it for HT as well.

I will be adding a second identical sub down the road (or right away).

I know that RELs are usually a lot more money, but if I get a used one, would it be better value than a new SVS or Rythmik?

I really appreciate your help on this.

Thanks in advance.
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