Need Cover for a 2.5 Yr Old KDFE50A12U


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Hey guys.

I have a Sony Bravia KDFE50A12U which i bough in Macro for £820 back in July 2006. It's been absolutely great i have to say, haven't had a single hiccup with it, other than the 60Hz ghosting issue which was easily resolved. The picture is a lot duller than it used to be (i have the settings up to 100) so i've bought a new lamp, can't wait until it arrives to try it out!

The thing is, it only had a 1 yr warranty, which is obviously up, and if anything goes wrong with the TV (and looking on these forums i would say it's a definite possibility!) i''m basically screwed as i can't afford to buy a similarly sized new one (room really needs a 46"+ TV).

What's my best option? I've heard of Domestic & General but they will cost approx £120 per year and even then they'll only give me 30% of what it's worth (please correct me if i'm wrong here). What about repairs? Obviously they would repair it for me at no cost, but from what i read it appears as though if anything is going to break on the TV it will likely be the Optical Block, which would basically write-off the TV. Is this right?

Is this my best otion? Would really appreciate any advice guys.



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I have a very similar age TV - ditto re the ghosting !

I looked at a quote and the only one I could fine was Domestic & General (think they do Dixons stuff ?) at £180 for 12 months .... quoted in December last year.

Love to find it cheaper as well !

Interesting to hear how the lamp change improves your TV .....


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Well, i replaced the lamp last night (i bought just the lamp itself, recycled the housing and put it all back together again) and plugged it in and held my breath.....

Turned the TV on and, WOW, the colours are so much more vibrant! The picture was a lot brighter as well, actually very washed out as i had the Brightness and Contrast up to 100. I've since turned the contrast down to about 65 and the Brightness down to 75 (i still like it fairly bright).

I watched Rescue Dawn in HD (not very good) and was blown away by the depth of the colours more than anything. The jungle was so green, the dirt reddish-brown almost like the surface of mars and the sky bright blue. Blew me away. Even my cable menu looks better!

So so happy i took the plunge. Can't wait to watch the Utd Everton game now in an hour!



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Thanks for that DGM - tempted to buy a new bulb for mine now although must admit colours do still look good but probably used to it !
Where did you get the bulb from ?


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Got the bulb on eBay from here:

SONY XL-2400 XL-2400U XL2400 XL2400U A-1129-776-A LAMP on eBay, also Rear-Projection TV Lamp Bulbs, Television Parts Accessories, A V Accessories Cables, Electronics (end time 21-Jan-09 18:49:55 GMT)

£90 delivered, which was the cheapest i could find. I only went for the actual bulb as i didn't see the point in spending an extra £60 to get one with a new housing. There's a video on youtube showing how to install a new bulb, check it out, it looked dead easy, and so it turned out to be, so saved myself a few £££'s :thumbsup:

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