Need assistance connecting ARC between Yamaha TSR-7810 and LG CX1


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I find similar threads on the board, but not providing the specific information that I need. All of my serious equipment is in the home theater. I purchased an LG CX1 for the family room; I am attempting to re-purpose an old a/v receiver (Yamaha TSR-7810) and speakers for this TV. I can find all of the audio settings on the LG; my issue is knowing the correct settings and making them on the receiver. Issue 1: I am not certain how to bring up the Yamaha menu on screen to easily adjust the settings. Issue 2: Which HDMI port on the receiver do I use? There are 2 HDMI out ports, and 5 HDMI in ports. I have seen threads mention using HDMI 4, but I have seen other threads discussing the use of other HDMI ports. I know that the LG uses HDMI 2 for ARC. Issue 3: Does that AV setting need to be the same as the HDMI on the Yamaha? There are options to select the 5 HDMI in ports and a matching set of 5 AV selections; I do not see selections for the HDMI out ports. Issue 4: when I first purchased LG in the fall, I could not get the HDMI to work, so I used an optical audio cable which worked fine; just presumed it would be best using HDMI. Now that I have been monkeying with the LG, I cannot get the optical to work, either.

Perhaps the problem is an old receiver with a new TV. Is this a reasonably easy fix, or will it be a big PITA with the easier solution being a newer receiver?


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Use the HDMI 3 input from LG which is the HDMI-ARC. Power your Yamaha AVR first. Then connect the other in to Yamaha AVR HDMI ARC—the HDMI 1 output. Your TV should be able to detect the connection. If it is the HDMI input from your TV, it will say non-HDMI ARC. So find the right input. Using your Yamaha remote, click the TV button and you ahould have coming out from the TV. Don’t install optical (Toslink) and HDMI from your TV output to Yamaha AVR optical input for TV (AV 4). The HDMI-ARC overrides the connection and you only get sound from the HDMI connection.

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