Need an indoor aerial for analogue and freeview


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I need to purchase an indoor aerial primarily for analogue reception but with a view of getting freeview later (When i nick my spare box from my dad!). I'm in a medium to good area and have looked in the argos catalogue as i have some spare vouchers.>C$cip=1500006566>C$cip=1500006584.htm

Does anyone have any recommendations on what is avaible?

Thanks in advance :smashin:


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Personally unless you are in a VERY GOOD signal area I would not use an indoor aerial, it maybe good for analogue, but for Freeview that could end up a waste of money. A good aerial from an electrical wholesalers should not cost a lot.
Here is a kit for £25 also from Screwfix that will assure excellent reception in your area, even has a booster.


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Thanks for the reply

didn't really want to fix an aerial up if i could avoid it.

might get a cheap analogue aerial and see what happens

Is it worth getting an amlified one?


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I can never understand when users buy quality kit like you have and try and lash things together on the cheap.. The aerial I indicated only needs a couple of holes drilled on the side of the house and you will end up with a quality signal to complement your gear.
Analogue Tv on a Large Tv is not very good at the best of times, so to get freeview and a better picture you really do need a strong signal to lock in a stable picture.
An indoor aerial is only any good if you are within a couple of miles of the transmitter.
Put your info into this site and it will give you an idea of the requirements in your area.

Example my result states 40 miles and requires Amplified extra hi-gain


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Good Point Well Presented Andy

The aerial is for the protable in the kitchen not for my main tv but i take on board whatr you say and £25 for an aerial kit is pretty minimal.

I shall do some more research.

Thanks again


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I use the unamplified version of the one Ted has recommended, it's £9.99. It's generally considered to be a very good aerial, of its kind. I also got good reception with a cheapo MaxView from Woolies, don't know if they still do them though.

Can an outdoor aerial be fixed to the wall by leaning out of a window? Then do you have to drill a hole thru the wall to get the wire inside? (Oh dear, does that mean buying a masonry drill?)

I hope you lot realise I'll sue you if I get killed :D



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I think i'll get the one ted mentions and see how it does as i'm 7 miles from my transmitter.


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Hey guys, I'm trying to get Freeview on my computer, and for some reason the rooftop aerial connection in the room isn't working.. It's pretty old and hasn't been used in a lot of years.

If I can't get freeview fine, but even if I get get analogue channels in good quality I'd be really happy!

This is the indoor aerial I've just bought:

I was wondering what setting Is hould put it on, as it has a setting to change Db or something, + or -..

Also I was wondering what direction I should point the 2 antennas and the flat panel too..


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