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need an Advice


Standard Member
first i want to sorry for my English, and tell to all of you that i`m glad to know you.
The idea is that i need a Hd player that can be accessed through the network.
are given the following components:
-> TV LG - 32LD750 connected to the network via AN-WF100 (wi-fi adapter)
-> Sony TV - connected via Ethernet to the network KDL32EX520BAEP
-> Router WRT160NL

Both TVs do not play in DTS HD sound, nor do the subtitles are not too bright, so I decided to buy a thing that meets the following requirements:
- Can be connected directly to the network
- To support an HDD (integrated, preferably)
- To stream through the network simultaneously to the 2 TV (implicitly know how to do and trasncoding)
- To have the posibility so be used as a back-up
only that I found and correspond to what I want are:
http://www.synology.com/products/compare_s...ompare_show_top (do than streaming) and LaCie is the premier manufacturer of high quality digital storage. (one from LaCie can connect HD player as one of TV's and can do and streaming)

So what will you choose?

PS: if you have any other variant, please let me know.
thank you

Sam Ash

Active Member
Well, synology look like great products but it may be a good idea to compare some popular systems before coming to a final decision. That way you may end up saving money and get the features you want.

I have heard good things about Popcorn Hour, have a look at their web site - Popcorn Hour - Networked Media Jukebox

On their web site, click on "Buy" at the top right hand corner, then click on "Distributors" in the list to the left. They have representatives all over Europe. It might be a good idea to contact them and talk to them about your requirements.

Hope that helps.




Standard Member
hy Sam,
thanks for your fast answer.
i taked a look to their web site, but i don`t understood very much from there.
i can connect an intern hdd to this? (they are limit to Philips????)
can be this used as a upnp / dlna server (and make the DTS conversion)? - can somebody proivde me a clear information?
i just want a player that can make the streaming.
after a closer look at synology, i`m not sure that they suport DTS transcoding, so my option in this moment it is to go via LaCie LaCinema Mini HD Bridge or clasic HD Bridge (LaCie - LaCinema Mini HD Bridge or LaCie - LaCinema Classic HD Bridge). because i prefer something to what i can atach an internal hdd. and i just wan to be alble to play the content from that hdd to my TV`s via the network.
thanks a lot for your time and for your answer


Distinguished Member
Take a look at the WDTV Live Hub this might be the sort of player your looking for, it comes with a 1TB HDD built in. For a player where you supply your own HDD the Popcornhours are a good choice, they are lots of cheaper players that are not as well polished like the AC Ryan POHD2 that could also work fine.

With network media players you generally want to avoid the use of UPnP/DLNA and instead browse the SMB/NFS network shares on your PC or NAS.

Lacie are not a great choice as they only support UPnP/DLNA browsing which means things like subtitles and DVD .iso will not work.


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hy next010,
thanks for you answer.
you want to tell me that popcorn or WDTV can stream DVD .iso via UPnP/DLNA? it is this possible?
i realy don`t know wich one to choose: because i see that all of them can make what i want.
because on TV will be connected also via HDMI to it, because will be near, but the second it is in other room an i have to make streaming and trasncoding.

wich one is the best?


Distinguished Member
No it is not possible to stream DVD via UPnP/DLNA.

The media player accesses the NAS the same way your PC does through Samba/SMB and that is how you play DVD's.

Go with the AC Ryan player if you want to install a HDD in it, if you want no HDD get the WDTV Live.

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