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Need advise on Com Hardware PLZ:)

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by DigiDave, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. DigiDave


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    Hi guys,

    Ever since i got my dig camera, i cant stop taking shots. Its great! What i really need is some advise on the following hardware components. The ones I list is all I will be picking between as I cant afford Top Notch gear:

    CPU....I have a choice between AMD XP: 2100 or 2200 (I heard the 2200 might be out done by the 2100??)

    I might put of few dollars extra in and get the XP2600 as its about $70 cheaper than the XP2700 and seems to be just as fast

    VIDEO CARD?????:
    I,m pretty board with 3dfx games now i,m into digi photography and was wondering about spending more on cards designed for 2d. Will this give me advantages over 3dfx cards... The following card is all I can aford in this dept and would like your advise on it plz:

    Matrox Millennium G550 ......its only 32MB DDR ram, but seems to have some impresive specs in regards to 2d applications?

    Would I not be wasting my money on this card as I can easily by 64 - 128 MB ddr 3dfx cards for much less its price!????

    I,m hopping the trade of on the ram dept might be minimal when it comes to what I like best......playing with my photos!

    The only other thing I was interested in was what types of monitors are best.....19inch is about the size i could afford but what features should I look for...is a dot pitch of 26 less than desireable???? I heard somewhere .24 was the go.

    As for hardrives:
    I will stick with a standard 40 gig storage drive and work of a 40 - 80 gig 8MB cacher

    will be running two sticks of 500MBddr 333

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated and if Ive missed anything please tell......I,d love to match the pentium Systems but the above is all I can grasp for at the moment.....

    Thanks again
    Digi Dave

    :hiya: :hiya:
  2. overfloe

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    Apr 23, 2003
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    Dear DigiDave,

    a cpu with 2.0G or higher is fast enough for today's apps. fast graphics card won't make a huge improvement when working with 2d images. get a decent ATi based card like the Radeon 9x00 series. spend more on ram get at least 512MB or more.


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