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Hi guys,

I'm looking to get myself started in a new flat with a decent sound system for Movies, Music and potentially Gaming.

I'm going to set myself a budget of around £1200 for Speakers, Sub and Amp.

Ideally i'd like 5.1 I noticed the SVS 5.1 seemed like quite a good pack, but i've only been looking around for a day or so.

I know there's a few posts similar to this around i apologise for posting another but i've read a few them but they're mostly speaker specific (what was I expecting on a Speaker forum...), I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good combinations for the price?

The main use will be Movies, I watch a lot of horrors so I want to get the best of the jumpy moments, i'll be looking to get a PS3 later this year so gaming will come into it too. As for music I generally a good dose of bass.



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I won't try to recommend specific kit, just give some ideas.

With your budget you can easily get a decent system. The simplest way forward would be just to divide it by three; giving about £400 to each area. That way you'd get a decent sub-woofer, an OK amp, and OK speakers. You could stop there. Enjoy the system. Read no more magazines. Stop looking at this forum, etc.

Another approach would be look at the system as a work in progress. For example, get the best amplifier possible, say at around £800, and then just so so speakers and sub-woofer. Or even forgo the latter and get floor-standing front speakers with decent bass extension that will substitute for a separate sub-woofer until you get the cash for one.

It all depends on where you want to go.

I now I haven't helped with the immediate question, but it really is worth thinking about the issues before sinking a lot of cash into any specific system.


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I think I would be tempted to get the SVS speaker system, including sub, and look at used amps. IMO speakers haven't changed a great deal in years, and better speakers are still better than less good speakers :) But I would be cautious of used speakers, unless you can test first.

Electronics on the other hand keep changing, partly because the Japanese are stuck in 2yr new model mode and partly because there is pull from new surround formats, eg HD audio. So those who just have to have the latest and greatest have to find homes for their old, still largely excellent kit.

You could buy a lesser amp new of course, but good speakers like the SVS really benefit from a good kicking.


In my experience the last place you want to skimp on is the AMP, that's my priority, I was looking at the Onkyo TX-SR606, seems like the one to go for at the moment, that with the SVS 5.1 would do the job in my price range. Just wondering if there's anything else around that sort of price that'd suit me any better?

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