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OK folks I'm new to the whole Oled and Soundbar world (lol), having had a plasma for the last 12 years.
Anyway I need advice, I've just brought the LG G1 evo oled and also the new LG SP11 RA 7.1.4 soundbar and need tips for the correct sound settings.
My set up is this, Virgin 360 box and Nvidia Shield Pro in the Philips Hue Syn Box, then Sync box to TV, and finally TV earc to Soundbar Earc. I did try to connect my sync box to Soundbar first but for some reason when I try to play them, the soundbar can't seem to find the inputs and they won't show on the TV, hence I've gone, Sync box to TV, then TV to Soundbar. So now I need ideas on the best sound settings. For example if I set my soundsettings to Passthrough and the HDMI setting to Bitstream it works great, including both rear surround Speakers, for Dolby Vision / Atmos on both the Virgin 360 and the Nvidia Shield. However when using Passthrough and Bitstream on a YouTube vid or a normal TV channel, say Sky News HD through the Virgin 360 box, the sound stops working through the rear speakers. Yet if I watch normal TV with the setting of Passthrough and PCM then the rear speakers work again. Lol.
So in short for Dolby Vision / atmos films, Passthrough and Bitstream work great. However for normal HD TV or YouTube video then Passthrough and PCM sound far better.
Again this might be a daft question, however like I say I'm new to all this, so is this how it should be?


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TV tuner is DD 5.1 max on only a few HD programmes. Most are stereo at best (DD 2.0). All SD stations are stereo MPEG2 / PCM stereo.
That's what is stopping some speakers from working.
Much YouTube is likely stereo too? Some may have 5.1?

You need to enable a 'upconvert' of the bitstreamed audio to multichannel audio. Dolby EX or similar should work?

PCM stereo to all speakers up-conversion will be currently enabled in the system, but could be disabled if desired to give the same issue. (Likely Dolby Surround as default?)

You may need to :rtfm: for the boxes to find out how to?

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