Question Need Advice - Your Help Please - Densen Beat B-100 Amp, which speakers match well?


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Hey Guys

Its been a while since I last posted on Avforums however I am getting back into my hi-fi, my hifi setup I feel is too big for the room it is in, was fine in the old house but the floorstanders are just too boomy and so was thinking of going for bookshelf speakers.

My current system comprises of

Densen Beat B-100 Amp (This thing is awesome)
Acoustic Energy Aespirit 309 Floor Standers
All my music played Via Flac files on my iMac played via an Epiphany Acoustics E-Dac

Now I have had this system for a good 10 years now (well apart from the E-Dac as I got rid of my CD player few years back) and it was great when I first had it in a biggish room but now its in a fairly small room around 4m x 2.5m or so with computer desk etc

I think the speakers are letting the systems down in my opinion, when I listen to any music the sound feels really muddled and in the mid range and lacks clarity, not quite sure what is causing it.

Now from those who have owned or own the Densen B-100 amp or anyone who knows :), what speakers would you recommend in getting that would suit the sound of the Densen?

Many thanks for your help :)

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