Question Need advice regarding buying first projector & projector screen (on a budget)

El Jefe 2015

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I was wondering if anyone out there could give me advice on which projector & screen would be best for someone who has never owned one.

For instance:

Can it be done on a budget
Can more than one device be connected
Does the projector have to be mounted to the ceiling
What Would You recommend for a beginner screen/Projector

I know this is a long post but I appreciate the help, I am new to this so if I've forgotten something let me know.

Thanks for the help guys.

My budget would be roughly £300 for everything (if doable)

Stuart Wright

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There are a couple of parameters you wanna concern for a PJ purchase: brightness, resolution, keystone correction, throw ratio, etc.

1. Brightness (Lumens): you have to consider if you can control the light when you use the PJ. Any projector with <1000 lumens is mostly designed for dark room;
2. Resolution: for your budget, 1080P is unlikely. You might be able to find a decent 720P one if you are not strict with the pic quality
3. Keystone: without Keystone, you have to carefully calculate the height and central point of the screen. Otherwise, the projection will not be a rectangle.
4. Throw ratio: how big your room will be. If it is not too big, you need to consider a short throw one.

Now to answer your questions, with your budget, it's unlike to purchase a full-size projector. But you might wanna consider a LED one. There are many in the market. You can connect multiple devices and don't have to mount it (with Keystone). Here are some models.

~£300: ASUS S1, ASUS ZenBeam E1, AAXA P2A, AAXA P300, Optoma S321
~£400: Dell M115HD, Optoma ML750, Optoma ML550, Vivitek Qumi Q3, Vivitek Qumi Q6 (love vivitek design!).

If you have a decent wall, you might want to consider passing the screen based on the budget.

To give you an idea of the performance of some projectors. Here are some Youtube links.

Thanks for posting but none of those videos give any indication of the performance (which should mean picture quality).

Sam Ash

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My recommendation is to wait a little longer and save to invest in something that will provide excellent end-results. Have you a dedicated room that can be darkened ?

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