Need advice on the best ISP and package


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Ok im moving in with the Girlfriend but she is still in the dark ages and hasnt got a phone let alone internet so im trying to sort it out before I move in but im unsure what to get I cant bring my orange connection with me as im leaving it in for my dear old mum as its only £5 (they havent figured out I canceled my orange mobile 3 years ago lol) anyway ive hunted round and I want a phone and broadband package but all the deals and reputations have got my head spinning so il give you all an idea of what I want and any suggestions would be more then welcome.
Right phone wise we wont really use it that much other then receiving calls so that can be basic but broadband im a rather heavy user in the ways of gaming , movie streaming , music downloading , and peer to peer (legal of course) my weekly record so far is 104 gb thats an extreme case though but I think ulimited packages are the way to go.
I should also state I cant get fibre sky havent installed there stuff in my exchange and my download speed is 3 meg max.

So taking all that in whats the best options ive been looking at talk talk 02 (have 02 mobile) and virgin.

Sorry for the lack of punctuation english inst my strong suit lol.


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O2 can be discounted as they heavily restrict P2P file downloads (

Virgin also heavily throttle I believe, although recently they've buried the traffic management policies even further into their website and I can't find the one for the cable packages at the moment. It used to be that on the reasonably priced packages they limited your speed to 25% of the normal speed after downloading just 2-3GB during peak times.

TalkTalk claim they slow down P2P but give no indication about how much.

Any ISP at 'normal' prices (i.e. <£60/month) promising unlimited broadband is either lying (TalkTalk, O2, Virgin etc.) or running a temporary trial that they'll stop after a while (Sky, and O2/Be two years ago).

I'm in a similar situation to you. Right now I think I'd look for people with usage limits offering enough for you (e.g. 100/120GB) but when I last switched a couple of years ago there was nobody offering that much for a reasonable price. I ended up with Post Office broadband extra and I haven't had any complaints from them about my usage (30-50GB regularly, with 130GB in a month being the most) so they might be worth a look but as I said above I'd go for those with hard limits that suit you first as those with vaguely defined limits are much more likely to alter or cap the server in a way that doesn't suit you.
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BT have an unlimited package which is truely unlimited and the only thing they throttle is P2P at peak times. 4pm-12am monday/friday and practically the whole weekend I think.


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Hmm I really want an unlimited package I do most of my heavy downloading during the day so its ready when I get home and a pound a gig is pretty steep.


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im wondering if would I be able to get away with adding another broadband to my account or would that draw attention to the fact that I cancelled my mobile years back and screw the deal ive got already


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I keep trying but all I get is Service is temporarily unavailable im assuming thats there line checker but im not hopefull anyway as my exchange doesnt have llu capability or adsl2+

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