Need advice on surround speaker type and placement in a 5.1 system for a small room


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See attached images for visualization. The surrounds have to be placed on the wall directly behind the sofa, and there is the option for the right surround to be placed on the right wall (it is weird, but the whole room viewing/listening position has to be angled to the left, because TV can't be mounted in the middle of the facing wall - there is a balcony door in the way..). I am looking at the Dali Oberon on-wall speaker to complete my Dali Oberon 5s, but what about bipole speakers? I am reading through articles that claim bipoles are better when they have to be so close to the listener.

In conclusion, I am looking for the best option for the circumstances, I know it will be far from perfect. Every advice is appreciated ;)


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Definitely bipole speakers to create more dispersed soundfield and less directional as they so close to listeners! Monitor Audio Bronze FX or Silver FX 6G which is going on sale very soon (few weeks) so you should see ~20-25% reduction in price. Easy to wall mount with keyholes at the back so two screws are needed. However i would mount them higher if possible, MA recommends 2feet from seated ear height for 5.1 systems, for Atmos system little bit lower naturally. Also make sure they are at least 1feet away from corner, 2feet is what they recommend (most optimal).






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Thanks for the answer. Since I don't live in the UK the sale most likely won't be happening here. Currently the Bronze FX is offered for about 360 Euros for a pair, the Silver FX 6G for 610 Euros. Are those fair prices? The Dali Oberon On-Walls are priced at 500 Euros so the Silver FX fits in my budget. The funny thing is that my floorstanders - Dali Oberon 5- cost 660 Euros a pair. Is the Silver range a higher tier than the Oberon range? If yes then will I be better served with the Bronze FXs?

BTW how do you know that speakers will be on sale soon?
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Every model will go on sale before being discontinued, that will happen in your country too. :) You can ask your local Monitor Audio dealer when this will happen. Silver 7G range is coming so Silver 6G will go on sale. They come available at the end of this month in UK so that should apply to Europe aswell plus minus few weeks.

Silver is same level to Opticon as Bronze is typically compared against Oberons. Silver has wood veneer cabinets where as Bronze has vinyl wrap similar to Oberons. So visually the Silver FX will look much nicer and give that expensive feel and of course it will sound better. I think you should wait little and call around to see how much the price will drop and when that happens. If it isn´t enough then you can opt for white/black Bronze FX.

If you are after white finish then i think Bronze has greyish front grille where as white Silver uses black grilles. This may or may not matter to you.


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